Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success

Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success

作者 : Matthew Syed



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Dave Brailsford的自行車天空車隊跟航空業有甚麼關連?
發明家James Dyson與前NBA職業籃球運動員Michael Jordan又有甚麼關連?



作者Matthew Sayed從1978年聯合航空公司空難,刺激了航空業對於黑盒子採取傑然不同的態度,無論是承認或否認錯誤,都是經驗學習;對比這空難事件所造成的影響,作者繼續深入探索政府部門、醫院、企業和我們自己,因為沒有收集有關錯誤和弱點的訊息,或者不採取糾正行動,營運鏈趨於封閉,影響進度。。


What links the Mercedes Formula One team with Google?

What links Dave Braisford's Team Sky and the aviation industry?

What is the connection between the inventor James Dyson and the footballer David Beckham?

They are all Black Box Thinkers.

Whether developing a new product, honing a core skill or just trying to get a critical decision right, Black Box Thinkers aren't afraid to face up to mistakes. In fact, they see failure as the very best way to learn. Rather than denying their mistakes, blaming others or attempting to spin their way out of trouble, these institutions and individuals interrogate errors as part of their future strategy for success.

How many of us, hand on heart, can say that we have such a healthy relationship with failure?

Learning from failure has the status of a cliché, but this book reveals the astonishing story behind the most powerful method of learning known to mankind, and reveals the arsenal of techniques wielded by some of the world's most innovative organizations. Their lessons can be applied across every field - from sport to education, from business to health.

Using gripping case studies, exclusive interviews and really practical takeaways, Matthew Syed - the award-winning journalist and best-selling author of Bounce - explains how to turn failure into success, and shows us how we can all become better Black Box Thinkers.
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