Impressionism in Canada:A Journey of Rediscovery (Revised Ed.)

Impressionism in Canada:A Journey of Rediscovery (Revised Ed.)

作者 : A. K. Prakash


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Well researched, lavish design with 497 plates and 160 illustrations; this is a reprint with minor corrections

Includes a history of Impressionism in France and the USA

With this publication a comprehensive study of Impressionism in Canada is available for the first time: from its beginnings in France, via the dissemination of the new style through artists, gallerists, dealers and collectors in North America, and its incorporation into and propagation within a hitherto conservative milieu, to the reception of Canadian Impressionism both nationally and internationally. The study culminates in the concise portrayal of the lives and works of fourteen of the most significant Canadian artists - including William Blair Bruce, Maurice Cullen, J. W. Morrice, Laura Muntz Lyall, Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Cote, Helen McNicoll and Clarence Gagnon - along with several other artists who for some time also employed Impressionist techniques. In this overview not only are the sources of inspiration in French Impressionism presented but also how masterfully and with aplomb these artists found their own artistic form of expression, which has decisively shaped Canadian Impressionist painting today.
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