Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook

Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook

作者 : Dan Whalen

出版社 : Page Street Publishing Co.

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Dan Whalen, the master behind The Food in my Beard, takes your favourite comfort foods to the next level with extreme stuffed recipes inspired by popular dishes featured on his blog. Dan Whalen is a mad scientist of comfort food. And now, with his recipes, you too can take comfort food to the next level with dishes that taste delicious and will impress your friends and family. Dan's website, The Food in my Beard gets over 10,000 unique visitors a day and his recipes have been viewed over 6 million times. His site has also been featured in Bon Appetit, The Huffington Post and The Boston Globe. Dan's cookbook can take a full-sized cheeseburger and stuff it into a ravioli and call it dinner. He'll put everything bagels in his mac and cheese to create a tasty, flavourful lunch. With every recipe so different and fun, you'll be able to make dishes that your family and friends have truly never seen before.
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