One of Us: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway

One of Us: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway

作者 : Asne Seierstad


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2011年7月22日,布列維克(Anders Behring Breivik)在位於奧斯陸的挪威總理辦公室外引爆炸彈,造成 8人死亡,接著他前往於特島的勞工黨青年營,持槍襲擊並殺死超過69位青少年,這一天,成為挪威史上最慘重的屠殺事件。挪威記者奧斯娜.塞厄斯塔(Åsne Seierstad)以細密生動的文筆,描述這個悲傷的日子及後續造成的重大影響。一個來自奧斯陸富裕家庭的天才兒童,為什麼會成為全歐洲憎恨的恐怖份子?一個平和及繁榮的國家,該如何面對這場驚人的屠殺事件?

知名暢銷書《喀布爾的書商,和他的女人》(The Bookseller of Kabul)作者塞厄斯塔為了解這起屠殺事件,深入布列維克的童年。一個曾經喜愛嘻哈文化及塗鴉的少年,為何會成為極右派激進份子;一個成功的企業家,為何會沉迷電玩並自封為反穆斯林思想的勇士,並相信他可以拯救歐洲免於伊斯蘭教及多元文化政策的威脅。同時她也深訪那些受害人的家庭關係,政治傾向及未完成的夢想。書中收錄這場大屠殺的審判細節,包括布列維克如何陳述他的殺人理念、評審團如何判定布列維克是否因精神異常而犯案,及被害者律師提出為何鬆散的警力使一人就能造成如此重大的傷害等問題。


On 22 July 2011 Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 of his fellow Norwegians in a terrorist atrocity that shocked the world. Many were teenagers, just beginning their adult lives. In the devastating aftermath, the inevitable questions began. How could this happen? Why did it happen? And who was Anders Breivik?

Åsne Seierstad was uniquely placed to explore these questions. An award-winning foreign correspondent, she had spent years writing about people caught up in violent conflict. Now, for the first time, she was being asked to write about her home country.

Based on extensive testimonies and interviews, One of Us is the definitive account of the massacres and the subsequent trial.

But more than that, it is the compelling story of Anders Breivik and a select group of his victims. A picture emerges of a killer - isolated, awkward, with a strange and troubled childhood. And on the other side, we come to know fascinating, dazzling young people such as Simon Sæbø and Bano Rashid, eager to contribute to their society. As we follow the path to their inevitable collision, it becomes clear just what was lost in that one day.

A gripping, shattering and vital book, One of Us is the story of a massacre and a study of evil. But it is also a story about community versus isolation, hope versus rejection, love versus bigotry - and a powerful memorial to those who lost their lives.
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