Past Reason Hated

Past Reason Hated

作者 : Peter Robinson


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定價 : NT 525

售價66折, NT346


「如果你也是P‧D‧詹姆絲及露絲‧倫德爾的粉絲,怎能錯過Peter Robinson的犯罪小說。」─《華盛頓郵報》

《紐約時報》最佳暢銷犯罪小說及愛倫坡獎得主Peter Robinson再度推出鐵漢督察Banks系列小說全新續作,故事發生在風景如畫的約克郡,聖誕夜前夕發生一起駭人聽聞的謀殺案。一向直覺靈敏的鐵漢督察Alan Banks認為,有些無法公開的秘密容易招來死亡,而死者Caroline Hartley或許就是如此引來殺機。Caroline是一個謎樣的美麗女子,聖誕節的前三天在家中慘遭屠殺,她唯一留下來的,只有一段不倫之戀的過往,為了找出兇手,Banks深入調查死者的過去,在Banks縝密的調查下,即將揭露出驚人內幕。鐵漢督察Banks系列小說第五部作品,將探討付出與原諒、家庭之間的秘密及無法公開的畸戀,喜愛犯罪小說的讀者絕對不容錯過。  

From New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author Peter Robinson comes this gripping thriller-in the tradition of Louise Penny and Elizabeth George-set in a picturesque Yorkshire village during the upcoming Christmas season...but one of its residents will not be celebrating this holiday. Chief Inspector Alan Banks knows that secrecy can sometimes prove fatal, and secrets were the driving force behind Caroline Hartley's life...and death. She was a beautiful enigma, brutally stabbed in her own home three days prior to Christmas. Leaving her past behind for a forbidden love affair, she mystified more than a few. And now she is dead, clothed only in her unshared mysteries and her blood. In this season of giving and forgiving, Banks is eager to absolve the innocent of their sins. But that must wait until the many facets of a perplexing puzzle are exposed and the dark circle of his investigation finally closes...and when a killer makes the next move. Past Reason Hated is a relentlessly suspenseful novel that shows why Peter Robinson is one of the world's most acclaimed and popular mystery writers.
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