American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal

American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal

作者 : Taya Kyle/ Jim DeFelice


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美國狙擊手克里斯.凱爾 (Chris Kyle) 的遺孀泰雅 (Taya Kyle),在書中分享他們的故事,在戰爭與無法想像的失落面前,找到愛與信仰的力量,是當年度最精彩的回憶錄之一。


然後,無法預期的事情發生了。2013年2月2日,克里斯和朋友Chad Littlefield試圖幫助一位精神狀況不穩定的退役軍人時,遭到殺害。泰雅和克里斯努力建立的生活,在一夕之間崩毀。泰雅立刻變成兩個孩子的單親家長、寡婦,一個必須獨自面對剩下人生的年輕女性,而身邊再也沒有所愛的那個男人的陪伴。

泰雅和克里斯的精彩故事,因為克林.伊斯威特 (Clint Eastwood) 的奧斯卡得獎賣作片《美國狙擊手》,由布萊德利.庫柏飾演克里斯、席艾娜.米勒飾演的泰雅,以及泰雅本人在原著作品中撰寫的段落,賦予情感的深度,感動了成千上萬的觀眾與讀者。現在,泰雅在新作中,與《美國狙擊手》共同作者金.戴福利斯 (Jim DeFelice) 合作,以從未曝光過的細節,紀錄克里斯突如其來的死亡之後,她幾乎淹沒在悲慟裡的每一天。隨之而來的,還有無止盡令人疲憊的戰爭,以保護先生的名譽。



The widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle shares their private story: an unforgettable testament to the power of love and faith in the face of war and unimaginable loss--and a moving tribute to a man whose true heroism ran even deeper than the legend In early 2013, Taya Kyle and her husband Chris were the happiest they ever had been. Their decade-long marriage had survived years of war that took Chris, a U.S. Navy SEAL, away from Taya and their two children for agonizingly long stretches while he put his life on the line in many major battles of the Iraq War. After struggling to readjust to life out of the military, Chris had found new purpose in redirecting his lifelong dedication to service to supporting veterans and their families. Their love had deepened, and, most special of all, their family was whole, finally. Then, the unthinkable. On February 2, 2013, Chris and his friend Chad Littlefield were killed while attempting to help a troubled vet. The life Chris and Taya fought so hard to build together was shattered. 

In an instant, Taya became a single parent of two. A widow. A young woman facing the rest of her life without the man she loved. Chris and Taya's remarkable story has captivated millions through Clint Eastwood's blockbuster, Academy Award-winning film American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper as Chris and Sienna Miller as Taya, and because of Chris's bestselling memoir, in which Taya contributed passages that formed the book's emotional core. Now, with trusted collaborator Jim DeFelice, Taya writes in never-before-told detail about the hours, days, and months after his shocking death when grief threatened to overwhelm her. Then there were wearying battles to protect her husband's legacy and reputation. And yet throughout, friendship, family, and a deepening faith were lifelines that sustained her and the kids when the sorrow became too much. Two years after her husband's tragic death, Taya has found renewed meaning and connection to Chris by advancing their shared mission of "serving those who serve others," particularly military and first-responder families. She and the children now are embracing a new future, one that honors the past but also looks forward with hope, gratitude, and joy. American Wife is one of the most remarkable memoirs of the year -- a universal chronicle of love and heartbreak, service and sacrifice, faith and purpose that will inspire every reader.
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