The Movie Book

The Movie Book

作者 : DK



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英國DK出版社最暢銷的系列套書《Big ideas simply explained》之一作品

不論是1930年經典的黑白電影到好萊塢風格的浪漫電影,還是享譽國際的藝術電影及21世紀新型態的科幻電影,本書帶領電影迷走進100部影響世人最深的經典電影。難忘的經典對白、電影劇照、原始海報及電影製作花絮,結合一目瞭然的時間表及資訊圖表,探討這些偉大電影的主題、角色設定、演員及導演。經典不敗的恐怖電影,例如《穆瑙之吸血鬼》(Nosferatu);最偉大的戰爭電影《北非諜影》(Casablanca);新浪潮電影代表如《阿拉伯的勞倫斯》(Lawrence of Arabia)及《逍遙騎士》(Easy Rider);近代偉大傑作如《為所應為》(Do the Right Thing)、《無法無天》(City of God)及《地心引力》(Gravity)。這些經典電影無論在什麼時代,都能深植人心,帶給影迷無限啟發,電影狂熱者或是想深入了解偉大電影史的讀者,絕對必須擁有這本經典電影大全。

The Movie Book makes you an offer you can't refuse, chronicling more than 100 of the best movies ever made and bringing cinema to life.

Beginning with the iconic La Voyage Dans La Lune from 1902, right through to Richard Linklater's ground breaking Boyhood, The Movie Book explores the rich history of cinema. The Movie Book covers early visionaries of the 1900's and the golden age of black and white films, to international art-house and 21st-century sci-fi. Through iconic quotes and film stills, to posters, biographies, movie memorabilia and narrative timelines, discover every aspect of your favourite movies, as well as the films you need to see.

Essential for anyone with a passion for cinema, The Movie Book is ready for it's close up.

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