Wallace Chan: Dream Light Water

Wallace Chan: Dream Light Water

作者 : Wallace Chan/ Juliet Weir de La Rochefoucauld


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定價 : NT 9,800

售價79折, NT7,742



世界知名珠寶創作者陳世英(Wallace Chan)因為家族淵源,從小與雕刻藝術結緣,他從學習中國傳統的不透光寶石雕刻開始,奠定了良好的工藝技術與中國文化基礎。而後他開始對西方雕刻及透光寶石產生興趣,獨創「世英切割」(Wallace Cut)技術,以立體內雕創造出五面倒影,特殊的雕刻技術轟動珠寶界。作品靈感多數來自自然萬物,包括蝴蝶、昆蟲、魚及各種神祕物種。全書收錄86件獨創珠寶作品,透過這些精湛的珠寶作品,深入理解陳世英充滿禪宗哲學與現實主義風格的珠寶世界。他將人體最親和的金屬鈦及玉石運用在珠寶設計,擅長跨領域創作的他,更成為獲邀巴黎骨董雙年展的第一位亞洲藝術家。

This remarkable limited edition book showcases eighty-six pieces of jewellery, unique works of art that were conceived and realized by Wallace Chan, through close-up photography that emphasises details, materials, technical innovation, and the visionary talent of the artist. Chan sculpts with a lightness of touch that defies the abilities of most artists and uses light as the leitmotif of his colourful and sensual jewels. His pieces reflect his Zen philosophy, adopting realism as a medium to express abstraction, and reveal a unique craftsmanship in developing new techniques for carving precious stones and manipulating titanium and jade, using tools he has made. The collection features some of Chan's most intricate and technically challenging pieces that have led him to enter the ranks of the top jewellery artists in the world.

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