Introduction to Plasma Phenomena and Plasma Medicine

Introduction to Plasma Phenomena and Plasma Medicine

作者 : Yasushi Nishida/ Keng-Liang Ou

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This book is intended to present the application of plasma phenomena to wide variety of fields. Therefore, even if the readers do not know the plasma phenomena at present, you could understand what the plasma is and what kind of typical characteristics it has. This book is useful for the people who are studying or working in the fields of chemical engineering, electronic engineering, energy and environmental engineering or medical surgery and treatment fields, as well as in the plasma major. However, the readers are required to have leaned fundamental electromagnetism for full understanding the contents of this book. After understanding or knowing the plasma characteristics, you could improve or develop new application fields based on the plasma. 
In Chapter 1, and through Chap. 4, what is the plasma is introduced by explaining terrestrial, space and astrophysical phenomena as well as artificially produced ones. These phenomena are easy to see or be made in daily life. In other words, plasmas are quite popular phenomena. The key techniques for keeping plasma in clean vessel are discussed by explaining the vacuum system. The standard diagnostic methods for obtaining plasma characteristics are also explained. 
From Chapter 5, and through Chap. 7, main parts of this book are described, including the application of plasma phenomena to the material processing, energy and environmental fields, medical fields, and the combined area of these fields. The controlled thermonuclear fusion is strongly anticipated phenomena for the future energy source. The nuclear fusion, however, has vast variety of engineering tasks and fields, but this book cannot cover entire subject with respect to nuclear fusion physics and engineering. Another advanced energy source is the high energy particle beam source. With help of plasma, this system is expected to become quite small, typically 1/1000, compared with the present high energy particle accelerators. Wide variety of applications to the environmental fields such as exhaust gases treatments are also introduced. 

On the other hand, fresh plants require a lot of carbon dioxide, CO2, as well as sun light. As a new technique for recycling of CO2, this gas is introduced into the greenhouse for cultivation of plants. Sterilization with use of plasma is one of other key techniques, by producing ozone in the oxygen. However, ozone is very toxic and it is not good in surrounding of human, and other nontoxic method is introduced. 

The applications of plasma to the medical fields have wide variety of fields, such as surgery, surface coating of the materials used within human body and many others. In the plasma surgery, for example, damages on the surround cells of the body are quite limited compared with use of metal surgery knives. The plasma medicine is an innovative and effective for therapeutic and surgery applications in the future.
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Yasushi Nishida
Professor Yasushi Nishida received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electronic Engineering from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. He was with Utsunomiya University, Utsunomiya, Japan since 1973. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering, and also a Trustee and Vice-President from 2004 to the end of March 2007. He has also worked in the capacity of Director of Cooperative Research Center of Utsunomiya University and Director of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Tochigi branch. He is currently a professor with National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. He is a Professor Emeritus with Utsunomiya University and an Honorary Professor with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan, China and also with Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang, China. He has been a pioneer in the world of the experimental researches on the plasma-based accelerator phenomena by employing high-power microwaves or ultra-short high-power lasers. He is currently involved in the application of pulsed discharge source for production of hydrogen fed directly to fuel cell on the vehicle. He is also involved in disinfecting the contaminated air with use of plasma. He was awarded The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. Prizes for Science and Technology in Research Category on “Discovery of Particle Acceleration by Plasma and Investigations on the Ultra-Small Accelerators” on April 11, 2011 and many others. Prof. Nishida was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 1992.

Keng-Liang Ou
Professor Keng-Liang Ou obtained his Ph.D. degree from Graduate Institute of Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. He joined Taipei Medical University to pursue the cutting-edge research of biomaterials. He is also the Director of Research Center for Biomedical Implants and Microsurgery Devices and the Director of Research Center for Biomedical Devices and Prototyping Production. Besides institutional appointment, Prof. Ou serves as the President of Institute of Plasma Engineering in Taiwan, the Director of the Taiwan Society for Metal Heat Treatment, the President of Taiwan Oral Biomedical Engineering Association and the Director of Yongee Anti-cancer Foundation. Professor Ou devotes himself to the novel research in the fields of biomaterials, bioengineering, biosensing, bioimaging, and translational medicine. In addition, he establishes extensive collaborations with industry and has played a leading role in developing medical devices for health professionals worldwide. He is the leader and organizer for the biomedical product design, production, manufacturing, testing, legalization and market planning, with supports from teams of scientists and researchers with expertise in different fields. With the outstanding accomplishments in research and invention, Professor Ou received the Award of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Taiwan in the year of 2011 and the TMU Distinguished University Professor Award in 2014. Today he is CEO of 3D Global Biotech Inc., which is a spin-off company from Taipei Medical

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