Robert Irwin: All the Rules Will Change

Robert Irwin: All the Rules Will Change

作者 : Evelyn C. Hankins/ Ed.


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Robert Irwin, one of the most influential postwar American artists and a pioneering figure of California Light and Space Art, is the subject of this book that traces his development and remarkable accomplishments in the 1960s..

The first publication to focus exclusively on Irwin's extraordinary trajectory during the 1960s, this book explores how the artist moved from creating small-scale, abstract paintings to temporary installations that responded to the specific circumstances of a given site. During this relatively brief interval, Irwin methodically interrogated the most essential premises of art and, in the process, ultimately redefined what a work of art could be, proposing that art not be limited to objects but be considered a way of seeing. Featuring a diverse selection of works, this publication immerses the reader in Irwin's groundbreaking investigations into the nature of colour, light and perception. The essays offer fresh insights onto Irwin's art while highlighting his pivotal role in the broader aesthetic developments in the 1960s. The book also include stext by Irwin and a discussion of his new, large-scale immersive installation created in response to the Hirshhorn's iconic round architecture.
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