McGraw-Hill Education SAT Subject Test Physics (2 Ed.)

McGraw-Hill Education SAT Subject Test Physics (2 Ed.)

作者 : Christine Caputo

出版社 : McGraw-Hill Education (Singapore)


定價 : NT 635

售價9折, NT572


Prepare for the SAT Physics test with the experts you trust!
This step-by-step guide will give you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed on this challenging exam. You'll get essential skill-building techniques and strategies created and classroom-tested by high school science teachers and curriculum developers. You'll also get full-length practice tests, hundreds of sample questions, and all the facts about the current exam -- everything you need to do your best on test day!

● 3 full-length sample tests in the latest test format
● More than 300 practice questions
● Step-by-step review of all topics covered on the exam
● Teacher-recommended strategies to raise your score
● Special features: SAT Physics at a Glance, Top Items to Remember on Test Day, and more
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Christine Caputo 
Has been a science writer for over twenty years. With degrees in physics, mathematics, and business finance, she specializes in teaching science and mathematics.
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