Singapore: World City

Singapore: World City

作者 : Kim Inglis


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Singapore, once the sleepy trading post of the British empire, has a unique story, and it is one of perseverance and determination. Singapore: State of Art, is a book that effectively demonstrates how the spirit of a thoroughly modern nation has been able to retain much of its old world charm despite its determination to develop into a bustling center for trade, in which many modern international businesses flourish. The success of a city, state, or country characteristically derives from the strength and prowess of its people, and modernised Singapore is no exception. This book features Singapore's people, made up of diverse ethnic groups, equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit, and an unwavering determination to succeed, and how they have responsibly and impressively turned this small city-state into a hi-tech business and financial hub while simultaneously maintaining that which is ultimately important to them;not abandoning their unique customs and traditions that make Singapore so rich in its history and culture. To ensure the preservation of these rich traditions, Singaporian mores are consistently handed down from one generation to the next. Accompanied with full colour and detailed photographs, this book reveals that in the midst of this metropolitan sprawl of glittering skyscrapers and futuristic buildings, traces of old Singapore can still be found;the colonial style architecture of Parliament house, restored shophouses along Emerald Hill, and the old coffee-shops that line the streets of Chinatown. These are just some of the many distinct instances where unstoppable progress and the conscientious efforts of a highly diverse, but peacefully co-existing ethnic community, succeeded in making this tiny city-state one of the world's most successful cities.

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