Hanok: The Korean House

Hanok: The Korean House

作者 : Nani Park/ Robert J. Fouser


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Hanok: The Korean House provides new insights on the stylish traditional homes that are increasingly popular in Seoul today. While the exteriors of these houses are indistinguishable from traditional Hanok that were built decades ago, the insides have completely changed and adapted with the times. Korea is a nation that has radically transformed itself in recent decades, yet amidst the glass-and-steel skyscrapers and luxury apartments, the traditional Korean home or Hanok still survives and plays a surprisingly important role. This book showcases 12 very special Hanok that have been selected to reflect the Korea of today a country of traditional values with a modern approach. The fundamental Hanok design has not changed. Traditional materials of stone, wood and clay are still the only components used in these houses. They also incorporate natural elements such as wind and sunlight, and baesanimsu known in Chinese as feng shui, used to position the Hanok in harmony with the natural forces and geographical features of the site. Each Hanok has a unique story to tell and this book conveys the story of each house from the point of view of the owners, many of whom are talented architects. It is intended to give the reader a feel for contemporary Korean culture and identity in a country which is now getting back in touch with its traditional roots.

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