Professor Stewart's Incredible Numbers

Professor Stewart's Incredible Numbers

作者 : Ian Stewart



定價 : NT 495

售價79折, NT391


當代最會說故事的數學家、英美最富盛名的科普作家伊恩.史都華(Ian Stewart)推出新作!

榮獲2015年路易士.湯瑪斯科學寫作獎(Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing About Science)


史都華在《Professor Stewart's Incredible Numbers》中,展現他招牌的幽默與淵博學識,會讓所有喜愛數字者心情愉悅,而那些覺得自己不愛數字的人,也會愛上這本書。他將帶領讀者進入趣味盎然、驚奇處處,又能增廣見聞的數字之旅。

Ian Stewart explores the astonishing properties of numbers from 1 to10 to zero and infinity, including one figure that, if you wrote it out, would span the universe. He looks at every kind of number you can think of -- real, imaginary, rational, irrational, positive and negative -- along with several you might have thought you couldn't think of. He explains the insights of the ancient mathematicians, shows how numbers have evolved through the ages, and reveals the way numerical theory enables everyday life.

Under Professor Stewart's guidance you will discover the mathematics of codes, Sudoku, Rubik's cube, music, primes and pi. You may be surprised to find you live in eleven-dimensional space, that of the twenty-three people on a football pitch two are more likely than not to share the same birthday, and that forty-two is a very interesting number.

Professor Stewart's Incredible Numbers will delight everyone who loves numbers -- including those who currently think they don't.
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