The Shopkeeper's Home: The World's Best Independent Retailers and Their Stylish Homes

The Shopkeeper's Home: The World's Best Independent Retailers and Their Stylish Homes

作者 : Caroline Rowland

出版社 : Jacqui Small LLP


定價 : NT 1,375

售價79折, NT1,086


線上室內雜誌91 Magazine創辦人兼編輯Caroline Rowland筆下最棒的獨立商家和店主住處關於室內設計的第一手報導。

你可曾好奇,經營生活風格的店家,他們的家呈現什麼樣子?本書作者Caroline Rowland帶你一窺30多家最具風格的商店與店主的家到底長什麼樣子。



Have you ever wondered what the homes of the owners of these beautiful retail spaces might be like? Caroline Rowland visits both the stores and the homes of more than 30 of the most stylish independent lifestyle retailers to give you a peek behind the scenes.

The first part of the book gives core interior decorating advice using elements from the shopkeepers’ stores and homes. It describes inspirational furniture and lighting ideas, suggests ways to store and display everything from books to quirky collections, and offers advice on layout, walls and floors too.

Caroline Rowland uses the second half to take us through her personal curation of independent stores from across the globe. Ranging from lifestyle stores to vintage emporia, homewares to crafts shops in all kinds of retail spaces, from converted barns to repurposed gas stations as well as more conventional places with traditional shopfronts. From the avenues of the USA and the streets of the UK, to hidden corners of Europe, the book explores retail outlets and stylish interior design ideas.

It’s easy to inspired by the stories of these people who live their dream and find out how their retail life inspires their home and vice versa.

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Caroline Rowland
不僅創辦線上室內雜誌91 Magazine,同時也是Patchwork Harmony的部落格主。大學主修攝影,曾為Getty Image 與金融時報工作。她的91 Magazine榮獲2012年出版新創女性獎(Women in Publishing New Venture award)。
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