We Could Be Beautiful

We Could Be Beautiful

作者 : Swan Huntley


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Catherine West 是個什麼都不缺的43歲單身貴婦,每個月有8萬美金的信託基金,在紐約某大道上經營原創卡片店,提供藝術家們展現天份的空間。她努力健身以維持好身材,在做臉、按摩、修指甲、作頭髮當中消磨時光。她買昂貴的包,衣櫃裡永遠是最新一季的華服,她收集藝術品,三不五時重新裝潢自己的家,偶而探訪她住在上東區的母親與妹妹。

兩次沒有結果的婚約,加上遇上的都是只想著她的錢的男人後,她開始恐慌了,是不是這輩子無法組成屬於自己的家?沒有自己的孩子,只能孤老一生?Catherine什麼都有,可是心裡還是空蕩蕩的,直到她遇上了William Stockton。William是個英俊有教養的男人,他們倆在一個藝術晚宴上相遇,彼此對美的品味是如此契合,而且兩家人在上一代就有往來。當兩人走得越來越近,Catherine卻感覺到越來越多奇怪的徵兆,包括她得了阿茲海默症的母親,對William的童年印象竟然糟糕的很。Catherine在母親過去的日記裡發現一張保母留下的字條,上面寫著:「不要信任任何人」,Catherine開始害怕並懷疑William捏造了他的過去。若果真如此,她寧願犧牲現在美好的生活也要找出真相嗎?

We Could be Beautiful 是一部關於愛,金錢,貪婪與家庭的小說,閃閃發亮,充滿誘惑且讓人驚訝。

A spellbinding psychological debut novel, Swan Huntley's "We Could Be Beautiful" is the story of a wealthy woman who has everything and yet can trust no one. 

Catherine West has spent her entire life surrounded by beautiful things. She owns an immaculate Manhattan apartment, she collects fine art, she buys exquisite handbags and clothing, and she constantly redecorates her home. And yet, despite all this, she still feels empty. She sees her personal trainer, she gets weekly massages, and occasionally she visits her mother and sister on the Upper East Side, but after two broken engagements and boyfriends who wanted only her money, she is haunted by the fear that she'll never have a family of her own. One night, at an art opening, Catherine meets William Stockton, a handsome man who shares her impeccable taste and love of beauty. He is educated, elegant, and even has a personal connection his parents and Catherine's parents were friends years ago. But as he and Catherine grow closer, she begins to encounter strange signs, and her mother, Elizabeth (now suffering from Alzheimer's), seems to have only bad memories of William as a boy. In Elizabeth's old diary she finds an unnerving letter from a former nanny that cryptically reads: "We cannot trust anyone . . . " Is William lying about his past? And if so, is Catherine willing to sacrifice their beautiful life in order to find the truth? Featuring a fascinating heroine who longs for answers but is blinded by her own privilege, " We Could Be Beautiful" is a glittering, seductive, utterly surprising story of love, money, greed, and family."
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Swan Huntley
獲哥倫比亞大學藝術創作碩士,We Could be Beautiful是她的第一部小說。

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