IMA (English Ed./No.1)

IMA (English Ed./No.1)

出版社 : 株式会社アマナ


定價 : NT 1,920

售價9折, NT1,728




其他精彩內容還有IMA精選東京拍照景點、「可愛的照片」要如何拍攝,如何呈現?、攝影師西村裕介的專欄「The Folk」:紀錄日本各地的祭典,直接捕捉鄉土風情等等,是以日本的攝影為主題,精彩豐富的全英文國際版。


■第一特集「A New Chapter of Japanese Photography」

■第二特集「Araki, Now and Then」
この春、パリのギメ東洋美術館にてキャリアの初期作品から最新作までを展示している荒木経惟。そのたぐい稀な功績を祝し、過去作品の紹介や国内外の識者に訊くベスト写真集、写真家 アレック・ソスとの対談などさまざまな角度から荒木作品の魅力に迫る。 

■Photo Journal Tokyo

写真評論家 マーク・フューステルと紐解く“カワイイ"写真のコンテクスト。

■西村裕介「The Folk」


IMA MAGAZINE is an art photography magazine that seeks to answer a variety of questions regarding photography and has been published fifteen since 2012. It is the first English edition will be launched with new contents. 

■Main Feature: Japanese Upcoming Talents
Satoshi Fujiwara, Mayumi Hosokura, Hideyuki Ishibashi, Yoshinori Mizutani, Nerhol, Sohei Nishino, Kazuma Obara, Harumi Shimizu, Yusuke Yamatani, Daisuke Yokota, And more... 

Main feature showcases Japanese upcoming talents who win international acclaims such as Daisuke Yokota and his followers and explores each context behind its images. 

■Special Feature: Nobuyoshi Araki
A major figure in Japanese contemporary photography, Araki is going to exhibit wide range of his works at Guimet Museum in Paris this spring. To celebrate his significant achievement, this feature pursues his insights from different angles with interview, selection of his photobooks and a dialogue with noted photographer Alec Soth. 

■Photo Journal TOKYO
The selection of galleries, bookstores and photography spots in Tokyo to visit. 

■What's "Kawaii" Photography?
The quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture, “Kawaii" is also adopted in term of photography? What is “Kawaii" photography? Photography critic Marc Fuestel gives deep thoughts to that context with IMA. 

■Yusuke Nishimura "The Folk"
Traveling through Japan for three and a half years, Nishimura photographed forty-nine Japanese folk entertainments. Each characteristic costumed figure emerges from dark background with details. 

■Unknown Masterpieace
An unknown Japanese artist or unknown masterpiece comes to light in this feature. 

The first issue of IMA in English is full of articles featuring up-to-date Japanese contemporary photography.
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