Treasures Around the Corner: NMH Collection 60

Treasures Around the Corner: NMH Collection 60

作者 : Chief Editor by Chen Chia-Iing

出版社 : 國立歷史博物館


定價 : NT 400

售價9折, NT360


適逢國立歷史博物館創建60周年,館員們為向這座博物館表達最崇高與溫馨的祝福,別出心裁,不依舊樣,特別規劃《大寶庫的小角落》一書。 館員們從館藏中選擇專業研究領域裡,自己最喜愛、最有感覺、富有歷史趣味、故事張力強、非厚重意涵的物件。例如河南殷墟出土的甲骨片、河南運臺古物文物箱、張大千的菜單和披風、常玉油畫盆花、彩塑荷蘭仕女貿易瓷、漢代人形燈、自由中國號模型、八百壯士國旗、寶島長春圖等館藏文物60件,依照入藏時間,鋪陳出史博館的發展脈絡和時空背景;同時以有別於學術論文的散文形式進行書寫,以自觀和他觀的手法,向讀者傳達溫暖、細緻的歷史感,勾勒文物與人們之間的親密關係,並回顧史博館創建過程中的艱辛與成果。 在此,也獻給愛護史博館的朋友,邀請您們翻開此書,和我們一起去探索史博館文物的小故事吧!

On the occasion of the National Museum of History’s sixtieth birthday, the museum’s staff, in order to express to the museum the deepest of blessings, have especially prepared this publication, Treasures around the Corner: NMH Collection 60, selecting from the museum’s collection artifacts that are not heavy with abstruse meaning, but are their favorites, those which inspire most feeling, are rich in historical interest or tell the best stories. The authors have written in a prose form distinct from that of the academic article to present history through the origins of an item’s accession to the museum’s collection and to do so using the perspectives of themselves and others, conveying to the reader a warm and painstaking sense of history, consolidating the intimate relationship between artifacts and people.
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Chen Chia-Iing/Chief Editor

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