Big History: Our Incredible Journey, from Big Bang to Now

Big History: Our Incredible Journey, from Big Bang to Now

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與比爾蓋茲所贊助的”線上大歷史計畫”同步,Big History以廣角鏡頭看待歷史,利用在視覺效果上令人讚嘆的時間軸,以及特殊的電腦生成圖像重新建構歷史的重大事件。回頭看星辰的起源,探索從太陽的生成到現代科技的每一件事,以及人類的未來。


從宇宙的生成到今日,無數的重要事件改變了地球上生命的軌跡。《大歷史》這本書,匯聚了廣泛的觀點,利用物理學與社會學等多重學科,為我們帶來138億年這了不起的歷史。有TED演講者David Christian教授的前言,本書以獨到的觀點來看世界史。


本書深具啟發的前言,由大歷史專家與TED演講者David Christian所撰寫。接續的是精彩的8大章,分別是:大霹靂、星辰的誕生、元素的融合、行星的生成、生命的曙光、人類演化、文明發展以及工業崛起。


Understand how and why we got where we are today with Big History.

From the formation of our universe to the present day, countless major events have changed the course of life on Earth. Big History brings together an incredible range of perspectives, using multiple disciplines including physics and sociology to bring us the story of 13.8 billion years of remarkable history. With a foreword by TED speaker Professor David Christian, Big History is a truly unique look at the history of the world.

Aligned with the online Big History Project, supported by Bill Gates, Big History puts a wide-angle lens on history, and uses stunning visual timelines and special CGI reconstructions to show you history's greatest events like never before. Look back to our origins in the stars, and explore everything from the birth of the sun to modern technology, and what the future holds for humans.

The perfect gift for everyone interested in every aspect of history, Big History presents the history of the world as you've never seen it.

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