Cocktails: The Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks

Cocktails: The Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks

作者 : Klaus St. Rainer


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007龐德最愛的正統馬丁尼到底該用搖的還是用攪拌的?又該如何調配出無可挑剔及黃金比例的莫希托?所有關於調酒的大小問題及秘訣,都將由獲獎無數的德國王牌調酒師Klaus St Rainer為你一一解答。慕尼黑知名酒吧Goldene Bar大量運用金黃色元素打造,時髦且典雅,受到德國許多名人喜愛,酒吧內所出品的酒單皆由作者Klaus St Rainer親手打造,保證每一杯調酒創新且不失經典風味,同時展現慕尼黑當地特色,現在不用遠赴德國也能在家調配出大師等級的頂級風味。作者擅長運用創新材料,例如果汁、糖漿、萊姆、香檳及聖誕節必喝的夏翠絲香甜酒,加入一點小巧思及變化,就能調配出適合各種場合的經典調酒。全書以詳細精湛的圖文解說,融合德國特有風格,無論是風味層次和技術層面都絕妙迷人。

Cocktails is your award-winning guide to the art of mixing perfect drinks.

Should a martini be shaken or stirred? How do you muddle an impeccable mojito? Find the answers to all your cocktail questions and learn the secrets behind classic drinks with award-winning mixologist Klaus St Rainer as your guide, using ingredients including juices, sugar, syrup, rum, champagne, and even that bottle of Chartreuse left over from Christmas.

Try new twists on classic cocktail recipes, and create your own extraordinary mixes. From sophisticated champagne cocktails to spectacular concoctions such as hot buttered coconut rum, you'll find delicious drinks for every occasion. Impress your friends, shake things up, and mix creative twists on your favourite cocktails with this stunning book.

Perfect for every aspiring mixologist or cocktail enthusiast, Cocktails is a truly indispensable and stylish guide to the art of mixing great drinks.

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