Stay Golden

Stay Golden

作者 : Lucky Blue Smith

出版社 : Bantam

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定價 : NT 715

售價79折, NT565


獲《紐約時報》描述為”集滾石、坡頭四、小賈斯汀於一身”的國際超級男模Lucky Blue Smith,將以本書帶著我們一窺他的私密世界。

Lucky Blue Smith是美國的模特兒、演員、樂手以及社交媒體的超級巨星。10歲被星探發掘,12歲與國際模特兒經紀公司簽約,他在Instagram上有超過230萬粉絲的追蹤,獲年度男模等獎項,Lucky Blue Smith可說是地表最強男模。


本書風趣而誠實,是Lucky Blue Smith粉絲一定要珍藏的一本書。

Welcome to the world of Lucky Blue Smith.

With a unique collection of personal photographs, this book will take you into the heart of Lucky’s universe, and will put you right beside him as he shares stories about his life, his inspirations and his passions, and reflects on the daily pressures of being a teenager in the modern world.

Granting his fans an unprecedented level of access, Lucky reveals all – from his style influences to his relationships, from his family to his fans, from music, modelling and movies to fond memories of his childhood and an intimate look into his crazy life on the road. Along the way he shares the various lessons he’s learned, and offers refreshing advice on how to be happy, healthy and confident in your own skin.

Funny, cool and totally honest, this is a must-have for Lucky Blue Smith fans everywhere.

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