Bowl Stories

Bowl Stories

作者 : Viola Molzen/ Benjamin Donath

出版社 : teNeues Media GmbH & Co. KG


定價 : NT 1,105

售價79折, NT873



專業甜點師Benjamin Donath及美食作家Viola Molzen對於美食的執著程度超乎常人,他們發現器皿與美食的關係,是相依相存的。兩人一致認為用「碗」或「盆」盛裝食物,最能展現食物的色香味。本書主張用碗享用美食,不但兼具實用也充滿豐富情感,所有的味道與食材緊緊相互依偎,以湯匙舀起,就能一次嚐盡所有食物風味。將各種美食與碗結合,設計出最意想不到的創意食譜,例如亞洲風味的五花肉義大利麵、優格黑森林蛋糕、碗豆湯佐桃子串燒及義式奶酪。這些獨特的食譜皆來自兩人對美食的熱愛及承載許多童年美好回憶,以碗盛裝的美食,不論在何處皆能盡情享用,沙發、床上或是坐在窗台觀賞風景,每一道食譜都將激起你對烹飪的熱情。

Benjamin Donath and Viola Molzen decided to call their book Bowl Stories because eating out of bowls is not a passing fad, but a declaration of love for the food itself. The duo defines eating from a bowl, or even directly from the pot, as the ultimate pleasure. Eating from bowls is both practical and sensuous; all ingredients and components are nestled close to each other so it's easy to have a bit of everything on your spoon. Ben and Viola serve up classic dishes with a fun twist: Asian carbonara with pork belly, ayran Black Forest cake, and pea soup with nectarine yakitori or hay panna cotta. Marketing manager Viola, who loves food above all else, and pastry chef Ben, author of the food blog, find inspiration for their recipes from childhood memories, leftovers in the fridge, and of course, from their travels: to Turkey, Portugal, or a campground in Brandenburg.

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