Total Records: Photography and the Art of the Album Cover

Total Records: Photography and the Art of the Album Cover

作者 : Antoine de Beaupre/ Ed.; Jacques Denis


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定價 : NT 1,100

售價79折, NT869


唱片迷必備!完整紀錄經典專輯封面及影像設計 窺視唱片封面設計大師靈感來源

購買唱片專輯前,不少人選擇以專輯封面來決定購買的慾望,優秀的專輯封面設計師就能透過最合適的視覺演繹抽象的音符精髓。演唱者及設計師必須從大量的經典影像中篩選,再將影像故事融入專輯概念中,最佳的典範例如瑞典攝影大師Anders Peterso於Café Leibnitz拍攝的人物影像,成為湯姆‧威茲經典專輯《劍魚喇叭》(Swordfishtrombones)的封面;Big Star樂團主唱Alex Chilton挑選彩色照片始祖威廉‧艾格斯頓的經典作品紅色天花板做為專輯《Radio City》封面;討伐體制樂團則挑選抗議越南戰爭而自焚的僧人紀錄照片做為專輯封面。經典難忘的專輯封面還有披頭四穿越斑馬線的《艾比路》專輯,儘管我們認得這些專輯,對於這些影像背後的真實意義卻不夠明瞭,本書集結這些偉大專輯,深入影像及音樂的背後,挖掘更深刻的意涵及故事。

Musicians and designers have also sifted through photography s rich history for powerful photographs to match and keep company with the music enclosed within: Anders Peterson s classic Cafe Leibnitz portrait of a man nestled into a partner, stands in for Tom Waits on the cover of "Swordfishtrombones"; Big Star and Alex Chilton push the listener into a corner with William Eggleston s "Red Ceiling" on their album "Radio City"; Rage Against the Machine goes for the jugular with the anonymous Vietnam War photo of the self-immolation of a Buddhist monk. Iconic images like the "Abbey Road" crosswalk are deeply inscribed in our collective memory, but we know few details about the photographer of the image. All of these and more are included in this compendium of electrifying images and the albums they grace. Total Records reveals the artists behind some of the most striking images on vinyl sleeves and takes us on a journey through the cultural history of the twentieth century.

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