Pocket World in Figures (2017 Ed.)

Pocket World in Figures (2017 Ed.)

作者 : The Economist



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《Pocket World in Figures》已出版超過25年,為全球讀者提供充滿娛樂及大開眼界的全新資訊,每一本都能帶領你發現新世界,透過這些數據及資料,讓讀者對於各國的生產力、消費力、文化、社會及生活都有全新的領悟與認知。大麥克漢堡在以色列的價錢是南非的兩倍;盧安達、玻利維亞及古巴的國會議員女性比例佔全球最高;美國政府花在航太研究的預算是中國的6倍。在全新的2017年版本,蒐羅超過190個國家的數據與資料,內容包括詳細的排行榜及城市檔案,排行榜主題包括地理、人口統計、商業、經濟、金融、社會及文化。而新版本更著重在《經濟學人》最擅長的資料新聞學,以清晰完整的圖表輔助說明,同時也收錄趣味問答專欄,讓本書充滿互動性與參考價值。

* More than 200,000 copies sold worldwide each year*

For more than 25 years, Pocket World in Figures has been informing and entertaining readers around the world with its blend of the serious, the quirky and the downright surprising.

Where else would you find out, in a single volume, that a Big Mac will cost you twice as much in Israel as one in South Africa, that Rwanda, Bolivia and Cuba have the highest proportion of women in parliament or that the US space budget is six times that of its nearest rival, China?

The 2017 edition once again includes data from over 190 countries, presented in a series of rankings and country profiles. As always, the rankings will cover subjects as diverse as geography and demographics, business, economics and finance and society and culture. But this time, the book will also showcase the Economist's strength in data journalism by including a series of charts and graphs to supplement the rankings.

The new edition will also include a series of quiz questions designed to make the book an even more indispensable guide for anyone who wants to be well-informed about the world around them.
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