Principles of Corporate Finance (12 Ed.)

Principles of Corporate Finance (12 Ed.)

作者 : Richard A. Brealey/ Stewart C. Myers/ Franklin Allen

出版社 : 美商麥格羅希爾國際股份有限公司台灣分公司

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1.This text remains one of the most authoritative and comprehensive presentations of financial theory and practice available. The authors continue to reinforce their underlying theme of presenting theory as a way of helping financial managers solve practical problems. Customers can trust Brealey, Myers, and Allen to get it right—both theory and practical applications. This book is a valued reference for thousands of practicing financial managers.

2.Controversies in the field of finance are thoroughly covered throughout the book. The authors lay out the various views on issues, and present their opinions. Users find these very interesting for lively classroom discussions.

3.Excel Treatment. A number of tables/exhibits are shown in the text as Excel spreadsheets. “Live” spreadsheets are contained within Connect Finance. Readers can use these spreadsheets to understand better the calculations behind the table and to see the effect of changing the underlying data. A number of end of chapter questions ask students to use the spreadsheets to check that they understand the effect of changing inputs. The spreadsheet templates for the associated end of chapter problems are also available on Connect Finance, denoted by an icon. 
4.Mini-cases. Located at the end of selected chapters, these have been revised and include specific questions to guide the case analyses. Answers to the mini-cases are available to instructors within Connect Finance.
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Richard A. Brealey
現職:London Business School

Stewart C. Myers
現職:Sloan School of Management,Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Franklin Allen
現職:University of Pennsylvania

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