Bob Dylan: A Year & A Day (Collector's Ed.)

Bob Dylan: A Year & A Day (Collector's Ed.)

作者 : Daniel Kramer


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定價 : NT 22,050

售價 : NT22,050


每本附有攝影大師Daniel Kramer親筆簽名及專屬編號

攝影師Daniel Kramer第一次見到巴布狄倫的時候,巴布年僅23歲,是個默默無名的歌手,在胡士托音樂節演出的巴布看起來焦躁不安且不擅長面對鏡頭。誰也不知道未來的某一天,巴布狄倫居然成為影響音樂史深遠的傳奇人物。1964年至1965年期間,Kramer有幸參與了巴布的巡迴演出,不論在演出過程、後台種種及演唱時的側拍等,皆捕捉許多珍貴的瞬間。整整一年的近身跟拍歲月,紀錄下這位民謠先驅的一切。其中包括與瓊‧拜亞在林肯中心愛樂音樂廳的演唱會、專輯《無數歸還》的錄製過程、還有巴布在森林小丘最知名的演唱會紀錄。Taschen出版社重新再版,收錄超過200張從未曝光的精采影像,重現巴布狄倫轟動樂壇的真實樣貌。

When photographer Daniel Kramer first met Bob Dylan, the 23-year-old singer was still widely unknown. At their initial meeting in Woodstock, Dylan seemed restless and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Yet over the course of a year and a day, all of that would change. From 1964 to 1965, Kramer’s extraordinary access to Bob Dylan on tour, in concert, and backstage, allowed for one of the most mesmerizing portfolios of any recording artist and a stunning document of Dylan breaking through to superstardom.

Highlights include the Lincoln Center’s Philharmonic Hall concert with Joan Baez; the Bringing It All Back Home recording sessions; and the now famous concert at Forest Hills, when Dylan’s controversial transition to electric guitar exemplified his constant, cryptic state of becoming. As much a document of a seminal period of rock-n-roll history as of Dylan himself, the pictures also feature such compelling friends and collaborators as Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Allen Ginsberg, and Albert Grossman.

When first published in 1967, with the encouragement of W. Eugene Smith, Kramer’s Dylan portfolio became an instant classic. Now, a half-century later, TASCHEN rediscovers this body of work with a curated selection of near 200 images, many never published before, including outtakes from the Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited album cover shoots. A prized edition for any serious Dylan fan, this is an at once intimate and infinitely evocative testimony to a seminal photographer, to a particular point in time, and to a particular, mysterious artist at the moment his career went global.

Collector’s Edition limited to 1,765 numbered copies, each signed by Daniel Kramer.

Also available as two Art Editions of 100 copies (No. 1–100 and No. 101–200), each signed by Daniel Kramer and with a signed and numbered gelatin silver print.

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