A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes

作者 : Adam Rutherford



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◎英國遺傳學家、BBC廣播公司第四台《Inside Science》節目主持人Adam Rutherford最新力作!
◎歐美人氣科學部落客Ed Yong、英國「物理界搖滾巨星」布萊恩.考克斯(Brian Cox)推薦!


距今十五年前,第一組人類基因組工作草圖的發表,被視為人類基因組計劃成功的里程碑。遺傳學家Adam Rutherford說明基因如何豐富、又如何打亂人類對於演化的了解,從犯罪學、優生學到種族關係等角度切入,說明最新遺傳學領域的發現與研究。

從尼安德塔人到維京人、從席巴女王(Queen of Sheba)到英國理查三世、從演化到表觀遺傳學,作者探索人類祖先、追溯人類基因的線索,以全新角度看待人類的身分與起源,不管您事前對於基因是否了解,都會感到深深著迷!作者擴大基因與DNA的格局,以權威的知識,融合幽默與睿智的筆觸,解開對於基因的疑問,揭示現代遺傳學如何說明人類的身分、歷史與未來。

遺傳學不僅承載人類歷史,更是讓地球七十億人口緊緊相連的關鍵。現在就讓Adam Rutherford帶領讀者,一起走向通往過去的大門!

Adam Rutherford曾擔任《自然》雜誌編輯,現為BBC廣播公司第四台《Inside Science》節目主持人與英國《衛報》撰稿人。2014年出版《Creation: The Origin of Life》與《Creation: The Future of Life》,探索生命的起源。

This is a story about you. It is the history of who you are and how you came to be. It is unique to you, as it is for every one of the 100 billion modern humans who has ever drawn breath. But it is also our collective story, because in each of our genomes we carry the history of the whole of our species.

Since scientists first read the human genome in 2001, it has been subject to all sorts of claims, counterclaims and myths. Drawing together the latest discoveries in this rapidly changing area of science, Adam Rutherford shows that in fact our genomes should be read not like instruction manuals but more like epic poems. Genes determine less than we have been led to believe about us as individuals but vastly more about us as a species.

In this captivating journey through the expanding landscape of genetics, written with great clarity and wit, Adam Rutherford reveals what our genes now tell us about human history and what history tells us about our genes. From Neanderthal discoveries to microbiology, from redheads to dead royals, criminology to race relations, evolution to epigenetics, A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived is a demystifying and illuminating new portrait of who we are and how we came to be.

Written and read by acclaimed science writer and broadcaster Adam Rutherford.
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