Got Fruit? Understanding Spiritual Growth and Fruit Bearing

Got Fruit? Understanding Spiritual Growth and Fruit Bearing

作者 : Darren Wilson

出版社 : Thomas Nelson

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"If you call yourself a Christian, then you should have this book, Got Fruit, in your library. Darren Wilson is brilliant in his discourse on spiritual maturity, lovingly challenging us to be all that we were called out to be for the kingdom of God." - Vernel Samuel, Senior Pastor of Hungry 4 God Church and author of The Jesus Mind

It has been said that while growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. This line has proven itself to be true, seeing that the current landscape of the world is indicative of the saddening fact that there seems to be a lack of growth and productivity running rampant, negatively affecting every area of life. Unfortunately, this dilemma affects both the secular and sacred areas of life simultaneously, and while it is evident that growth and productivity are essential parts of life, very few seem to realize this, and even fewer seem to live it.

In Got Fruit, Darren clearly indicates that growth is an indication that maturity is occurring. When maturity is occurring, productivity is evidenced, and fruit will begin to be manifested in the lives of believers to the ultimate glory of God and His kingdom that we are a part of.
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