Coach: A Story of New York Cool

Coach: A Story of New York Cool

作者 : Joel Dinerstein



定價 : NT 2,625

售價79折, NT2,074



「本書由紐約的Rizzoli出版,千萬別被此書的類別也唬弄了,它可不是一般你看到的擺好看的書而已。本書版面由知名的藝術總監Fabien Baron設計,呈現出剪貼簿的風格。這本300多頁的書,帶你穿過紐約時尚的記憶小巷,細數Coach的旅程,從只有6個工匠的奇特工作室作為不起眼的開始,到現今成為美國時尚巨人的歷史。」
--Paper Magazine


Coach作為世界最知名的時尚品牌之一,其核心是輕鬆快意的紐約風格:尖端的設計、精緻的工藝與原創精神。Coach創始於1941年,1960年代紐約充滿律動的活力給予創辦人Miles與Lillian Cahn許多靈感,孕育出全新的品牌,不僅提供男士皮件,也為女士們設計手提包、托特包、小型皮件,以及由傳奇的美國運動服飾設計師Bonnie Cashin所設計的配件。從第一任的創意總監Bonnie Cashin到2013年品牌最新任命的Stuart Vevers,Coach以輕鬆美學演繹現代的"美式酷炫"風。

Celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of this iconic luxury fashion brand, this book presents a vibrant visual survey of Coach’s continual exploration and redefinition of American style, infused with its distinctively cool New York City spirit. At the heart of Coach, arguably one the world’s most recognizable fashion brands, is its effortless New York style, cutting-edge design, craftsmanship, and authenticity. This volume explores the evolution of this American company, from its beginnings in 1941 in a small loft as a manufacturer of leather goods to its transformation into a revered international fashion and lifestyle brand. Inspired by the pulsating energy of New York City in the 1960s, the company’s owners Miles and Lillian Cahn cultivated an entirely new Coach brand that offered not only men’s leather goods, but also women’s handbags, totes, small leather goods, and other accessories envisioned by the legendary American sportswear designer Bonnie Cashin. Each creative director from Cashin to Stuart Vevers, the company’s current head of creative since 2013, continued to evolve the modern definition of "American cool" in the relaxed aesthetic and effortless style of Coach’s designs. This richly illustrated volume features both recent and archival photography, ranging from product design sketches to iconic advertising campaigns, and imagery of Coach’s inspirational references from celebrity figures to the electrifying, fast-paced cityscapes of New York City. A definitive volume of the brand’s celebrated heritage, Coach will be treasured by its devoted customers and fashion, style, and cultural enthusiasts alike.

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Stuart Vevers

目前是Coach 創意總監。

Joel Dinerstein

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