The Ultimate Book of Space

The Ultimate Book of Space

作者 : Anne-Sophie Baumann

出版社 : Twirl Books


定價 : NT 770

售價71折, NT550


火箭發射!宇宙好奇心大爆發   翻拉操作知識書  

繼《The Ultimate of Vehicles》和《The Ultimate Construction Site Book》,來自法國、研讀科學和文學、曾當過編輯、有2個孩子的 Anne-Sophie Baumann,再次抱著無限的好奇心和超強編輯力、設計力,推出第3本《The Ultimate Book of Space》。互動方式多種:立體的地球、可以動手發射的火箭、滑一滑可以戴上的頭盔、太空站綁線的太空人(小朋友可以拿著,讓太空人飄浮移動)、螺旋蚊香拉開看銀河,還有堅固的「關節」零件,機器人手臂可以靈活移動!超過40多個翻翻拉拉互動的設計。此外,少不了知識大進補:火箭的超級比一比、太空人裝備、太陽系…等。適合小朋友動手探索,也適合大朋友進修宇宙太空知識喔!

With all the features that made The Ultimate Construction Site Book a bestseller, this oversized volume offers a fact-filled and action-packed look at the amazing universe of outer space. Bursting with 40 flaps, pop-ups, pull tabs, and movable parts, The Ultimate Book of Space provides a richly illustrated, hands-on exploration of space travel, the Earth's place in our galaxy, the solar system, and so much more! Sure to encourage curious young readers to venture deeper into space, this is a must-have book for any budding scientist's library.

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