Speaking in Tongues: Curious Expressions from around the World

Speaking in Tongues: Curious Expressions from around the World

作者 : Ella Frances Sanders

出版社 : Square Peg


定價 : NT 550

售價66折, NT363



《紐約時報》暢銷繪本《Lost in Translation》作家Ella Frances Sanders最新力作!


在新作《Speaking in Tongues》裡,作者帶來世界的語言當中,沒有相對應英文翻譯的有趣表達方式,經歷時光的洗禮,在人類社會中代代傳承。本書搭配五十張精美的水彩插圖,呈現語言的美妙與微妙感,讓我們以全新的視野看待周遭的世界,為日常生活帶來一分新意。


Ever feel like you are pedalling in the choucroute? Been caught with your beard in the mailbox again? Or maybe you just wish everyone would stop ironing your head?

Speaking in Tongues brings the weird, wonderful and surprising nuanced beauty of language to life with over fifty gorgeous watercolour and ink illustrations.

Here you will find the perfect romantic expression, such as the Spanish tu eres mi media naranja, or 'you are the love of my life, my soulmate', and the bizarre, including dancing bears and broken pots, feeding donkeys sponge cake, a head full of crickets, and clouds and radishes. All encourage new ways of thinking about the world around us, and breathe magnificent life into the everyday.

These phrases from across the world are ageless and endlessly enchanting, passed down through generations. Now they are yours.

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