Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War

Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War

作者 : Viet Thanh Nguyen

作者 : 阮越清



定價 : NT 980

售價79折, NT774



「讀者將會發現Nguyen強而有力的小說,乃根植於這本對戰爭記憶以及戰爭故事如何被塑造與傳播的深刻而直接的訪查,...最後,Nguyen以蘇珊.宋塔和W. G. Sebald的模式,通透、迷人且有憑有據的探問,召喚了真實而正義的戰爭故事及其傳統。」


--《出版人週刊》(Publishers Weekly)


從各種文化形式的萬花筒,如:小說、回憶錄、墓地、紀念碑、電影、照片、博物館展覽、電玩、紀念品...等,Nothing Ever Dies以全面的視角仔細地檢視戰爭。關鍵在於道德的提問,戰爭理應被記憶,但參與記憶的,不只是美國人和越南人,還有寮國、柬埔寨、南韓與東南亞的美國人。悼念常常只英勇化自己國家的人民,感念他們的犧牲,卻把"敵人"妖魔化,更有甚者,完全忽略戰場另一邊的戰士與老百姓。本書作者造訪美國、東南亞與韓國各地,對戰爭的各種記憶到底有助於引發未來的戰爭或是努力地避免戰事,有鞭闢入裡的詮釋。


All wars are fought twice, the first time on the battlefield, the second time in memory. From the author of the Pulitzer Prize–winning novel The Sympathizer comes a searching exploration of the conflict Americans call the Vietnam War and Vietnamese call the American War―a conflict that lives on in the collective memory of both nations.

From a kaleidoscope of cultural forms―novels, memoirs, cemeteries, monuments, films, photography, museum exhibits, video games, souvenirs, and more―Nothing Ever Dies brings a comprehensive vision of the war into sharp focus. At stake are ethical questions about how the war should be remembered by participants that include not only Americans and Vietnamese but also Laotians, Cambodians, South Koreans, and Southeast Asian Americans. Too often, memorials valorize the experience of one’s own people above all else, honoring their sacrifices while demonizing the “enemy”―or, most often, ignoring combatants and civilians on the other side altogether. Visiting sites across the United States, Southeast Asia, and Korea, Viet Thanh Nguyen provides penetrating interpretations of the way memories of the war help to enable future wars or struggle to prevent them.

Drawing from this war, Nguyen offers a lesson for all wars by calling on us to recognize not only our shared humanity but our ever-present inhumanity. This is the only path to reconciliation with our foes, and with ourselves. Without reconciliation, war’s truth will be impossible to remember, and war’s trauma impossible to forget.
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Viet Thanh Nguyen

南加州大學英美研究與族群研究副教授。他的小說The Sympathizer獲2016年普立茲小說獎。
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