Revisiting Music Theory: Basic Principles (2 Ed.)

Revisiting Music Theory: Basic Principles (2 Ed.)

作者 : Alfred Blatter


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Revisiting Music Theory: Basic Principles, Second Edition, surveys the basics of music theory and explains the terms used in harmonic and formal analysis in a clear and concise manner. Students will find Revisiting Music Theory to be an essential resource for review or reference, while instructors of introductory theory courses will find in these pages a solid foundation for cultivating musical thinking. Musicians of all kinds―amateur and professional alike―will find great value in augmenting and informing their knowledge of the art of music theory.

The text covers the basic principles of music theory, including:
• Musical notation
• Key signatures and scales
• Intervals, chords, and progressions
• Melodic and harmonic analysis
• Counterpoint and voice leading techniques
• Musical forms and structures

This second edition has been revised and reorganized to promote learning. Each section now includes an all-new selection of exercises, allowing readers to practice key skills and improve understanding.

For students, instructors, and practicing musicians, Revisiting Music Theory offers an indispensable guide to the foundations of musical analysis.
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