One Planet Five Elements: Health Indicator

One Planet Five Elements: Health Indicator

作者 : Buddy Huang/ Jacqueline Liao

出版社 : 韋燁國際投資有限公司

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In this book, we discovery the backbones of both Eastern and Western medicine,their differences and shocking similarities. Though, both are fundamentallydifferent readers will discover that there are parallels between the two.Health Indicator provides the knowledge to use Eastern medicine effectively inyour daily life. With further analysis of the 5 element theory and timing readerswill come to understand how to effectively control the natural energies that surround them.

With a completely breakdown of the human body and the practice of medicinefrom both the Eastern and Western views of medicine readers will gain theinsight to treat common ailments. Health Indicator provides a detailed guide to energy movement through the human body, foods that nourish, and seasonalchanges within. The emphasis of this book is to allow readers the opportunityto achieve harmonious balance, with energies provided by our natural earth and those within our bodies. When energies are harmonious we can than effetely lead productive healthy lives.

In a world with information only one click away, it is no longer acceptable to be ignorant of the views of the world; the need for clarification is critical. This is especially true in the field of medicine. This book is a guideline or road map regarding the worlds of Eastern and Western medicine, how they differ, and how you can effectively use this Health Indicator book and accompanying Mobile App, to improve your way of life. Taking the first step to understand how these two practices help millions of people worldwide is crucial. With knowledge comes the power to take positive steps forward in healthy living. This book will teach you to see and understand the fundamental differences in Western and Eastern approaches to medicine. Neither is wrong and they both have their merits in aiding those who are sick.

You will notice that this book explores the fundamental differences in philosophy, history, examination, anatomy, and medication. This may seem daunting and heavy, however, the team put this book together and has worked hard in keeping the reading light, simple and to the point. The importance of understanding the history and processes of both practices are key. Learning a new subject always starts at the beginning, with its roots, which is how this book’s chapters are laid out. It gives you the opportunity to understand Eastern and Western medicine from its humble beginnings.Eastern concepts in medicine may seem foreign at times even unorthodox but with proper study you too can see that there is method to what may seem like madness. After all, more than 250 million people put their faith in Eastern medicine.

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Buddy Huang

Was born in Taiwan, when he was 11 year old , he immigrated to the United States California, and graduated from California San Diego States University public university. 1994 he work in China until the 2012 he return to the US. Buddy thinks that the nature phenomenon in the universe is made up of five elements of "Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire". This is a whole concept, which describes the structure and movement of things, and also becomes the "Feng Shui" discussed in the western world.

Jacqueline Liao
Was born and raised in Canada, her parents were born in Vietnam and came to Canada where the prospect of a better life beckoned them. She is a product of both Eastern and Western culture, growing up she accepted fundamentals from both practices. It was confusing at times however, as she matured her understanding of both philosophies grew and she started to see underlying similarities between the two. She studied Philosophy and English at York University where she found a passion in challenging societal norms. Today she works at 109TaylorMade where eastern and western concepts are merged to create a new foundation of harmonious living.

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