Think Rural

Think Rural

作者 : Piet Swimberghe/ Jan Verlinde

出版社 : Uitgeverij Lannoo

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現代人最嚮往的居家設計風格為結合溫暖的室內裝潢風格及現代感設計,同時又能擁抱自然美景。最棒的居家環境最好還能座落在田野之間,或是沿著海濱及森林,享受悠閒和放鬆的居家氛圍,是現代人最奢侈的夢想。本書收錄21組當代鄉村風居家設計案例,融合藝術及實用的設計,大膽窺視最理想的現代鄉村風室內設計,其中包括美國知名建築師法蘭克‧洛伊‧萊特的經典私宅,或是座落於市中心獨樹一格的溫暖農舍。作者Piet Swimberghe與攝影團隊已出版無數以歐洲風室內設計的雜誌,透過他們專業的建議,跳脫傳統式的展式案例,你也能打造出最符合生活模式的家,感受簡單樸質的鄉村風家居,滿足你對鄉村風生活的嚮往。

• New title in the Think interior design series
• Focusing on rural interiors in real homes

With personal, concise and informative texts, based on interviews with the residents who designed these homes, this is an exceptionally rich inspirational source, with material that has never been published before; a must-have on your coffee table. Warm interiors with modern country tints summon the homely atmosphere of the old days. Art collectors, architects, designers and antique dealers who are truly on top of this new trend, provide a brazen peek into their interiors.

No sterile showrooms, but real homes that have been fascinatingly designed by these creative souls.

Text in English, French, and Dutch.

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