Magnum Contact Sheets

Magnum Contact Sheets

作者 : Kristen Lubben



定價 : NT 1,650

售價79折, NT1,304


--The Literate Lens

--《洛杉磯時報》The Los Angeles Times

--The Picture Professional

當今數位攝影快速變遷,讓傳統貼印(contact sheet)日漸式微,甚至即將走入歷史之際,Magnum Contact Sheets這本經典好書推出平裝版,價格相當平易近人。本書以一種迷人的方式頌揚傳統貼印的價值,紀念著偉大的攝影師與他們的作品,也紀念著永恆不朽的影像。

本書蒐羅的139張貼印,代表著69位攝影師,取材內容包括特寫、放大細節、精選照片、記者證、筆記本與當代出版品的拉頁,也包括生活雜誌(Life magazine)和英國新聞攝影雜誌(Picture Post)。

進一步的細節資訊補充,則來自攝影師們的親筆紀錄文字或由專家選集。本書收錄多位攝影大師,例如Henri Cartier- Bresson, Elliott Erwitt與Inge Morath,以及馬格蘭攝影通訊社(Magnum Photos)的最新一代攝影師,例如Jonas Bendiksen,Alessandra Sanguinetti和Alec Soth。

這些攝影師及其作品橫跨了70多年的歷史,從Robert Capa拍攝的D-Day登陸,1968年Bruno Barbey拍攝的巴黎暴動,到Rene Burri拍攝的切•格瓦拉,與Eve Arnold拍攝的Malcolm X,還有Bruce Gilden拍攝的經典紐約人。

This exceptional book, published here in an accessibly priced paperback format, comes out just as the shift to digital photography threatens to render the contact sheet obsolete. It celebrates the contact sheet as a fascinating way of accompanying great photographers as they work towards, and capture, the most enduring images of our time. 139 contact sheets, representing 69 photographers, are featured, as well as zoom-in details, selected photographs, press cards, notebooks and spreads from contemporary publications, including Life magazine and Picture Post. Further insight is provided by texts written by the photographers themselves or by experts chosen by members' estates. It includes many greats of photography, among them Henri Cartier- Bresson, Elliott Erwitt and Inge Morath, as well as Magnum's latest generation, such as Jonas Bendiksen, Alessandra Sanguinetti and Alec Soth. These photographers cover over 70 years of history, from the D-Day landings by Robert Capa and the Paris riots of 1968 by Bruno Barbey to images of Che Guevara by Rene Burri, Malcolm X by Eve Arnold and classic New Yorkers by Bruce Gilden.

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Kristen Lubben

是紐約國際攝影中心(International Center of Photography, ICP)副館長。她以前的作品包括:Susan Meiselas: In History與Amelia Earhart: Image and Icon.
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