So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood

So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood

作者 : Patrick Modiano

出版社 : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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定價 : NT 525

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2014年諾貝爾文學獎得主派屈克.莫迪亞諾(Patrick Modiano)獲獎後的第一本小說。



Jean Daragane是一個隱居在巴黎公寓,過著遺世生活的作家。在一個異常炎熱的9月天,電話聲劃破了公寓的寧靜。一個語帶威脅的聲音在電話線那頭響起,這個名叫 Gilles Ottolini的人拾獲了Jean的通訊錄,執意要當面把作家的通訊錄還給他。Gilles曾經是一名記者,一直在追蹤40年前的一樁謀殺案。當他發現通訊錄上有個叫Guy Torstel的人名時,Gilles的心沸騰了,他撥了通電話給Jean,想知道他與Guy的關係,但Jean卻怎麼也想不起Guy到底是個什麼樣的人。在電話中,Jean小心提防著Gilles,但是在好奇心的驅使下,他還是決定跟Gilles見面。就這樣,Jeans被拉進了數十年前的謀殺謎團中,而探查謀殺案竟迫使他面對了幾乎被埋葬的創傷回憶…。

“Modiano is an ideal writer to gorge on . . . A moody, delectable noir.” — The New Yorker

“The best kind of mystery, the kind that never stops haunting you.” — Entertainment Weekly

“A work of melancholic beauty . . . Sincere, shattering, magnificent.” — L’Express

In the stillness of his Paris apartment, Jean Daragane has built a life of total solitude. Then a surprising phone call shatters the silence of an unusually hot September, and the threatening voice on the other end of the line leaves Daragane wary but irresistibly curious. Almost at once, he finds himself entangled with a shady gambler and a beautiful, fragile young woman, who draw Daragane into the mystery of a decades-old murder. The investigation will force him to confront the memory of a trauma he had all but buried. This masterly novel penetrates the deepest enigmas of identity and compels us to ask whether we ever know who we truly are.

“Moody . . . Lyrical . . . A pleasure.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A writer unlike any other and a worthy recipient of the Nobel.” — Wall Street Journal
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