The Art of Chinese Flower Arrangement

The Art of Chinese Flower Arrangement

作者 : Cai Zhongjuan

出版社 : Better Link Press, Shanghai Press a


定價 : NT 910

售價79折, NT719


This colorful flower arranging book features instructions and designs form one of the world's greatest living masters.

Asian flower arranging originated in ancient China where it then spread to Japan, Korea and beyond. As influenced by the philosophy of "harmony between man and nature," Chinese flower arrangement advocates for nature to represent life, emphasizes on composition to display vividness, and focus on connotation to exhibit artistic concept. Gradually, these become the characteristics of Chinese flower arrangement—the beauty of nature, composition, and artistic concept, which are quite different from the beauty ofdecorative western styles.

This book records the origin and development of Chinese flower arrangement. Besides the principle of composition, techniques of modeling, and configuration of flowers and materials, you would also discover the techniques of production and ten actual flower arrangement projects. You could either follow the lessons step by step or capture the ideas and be inspired to develop your own flower arrangement artwork.

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