From Me to We: The Changing Workplace

From Me to We: The Changing Workplace

作者 : Mathew Driscoll



定價 : NT 1,390

售價79折, NT1,098


這是一本令人驚訝的書,向我們呈現了工作地點隨著大數據的出現而變化的趨勢。 這可能給我們帶來更多的想像與未來,雇主是否應該跟員工在工作場所一起活動, 內牆的顏色能改變我們的思維和感知, 現在需要一個實際的辦公室嗎? 答案可能都各有所不同。 但我們確信工作地點的設計正在改變提高工作效率的作用。 這本書按照這個想法展開,我們不得不承認,隨著大數據時代的發展,工作場所從“I”的空間秩序變為“我們”的空間秩序。 變化是不斷在改變的,隨著社會發展而再發展。 我們希望本書能引起讀者的深刻思考。

This is a surprising book which presents us the changing trend of work place with the emergence of big data. This may bring us more imaginations: in the future, should the employers trace their employees' movement in work places? Can the colour of an interior wall change the way that we think and perceive? Even do you need an actual office now? The answers may be varied. But we are sure that the design of work place is changing in the role of enhancing working efficiency. This book unfolds in accordance to this idea. We have to admit that with the development of age of big data, work places are changing from a spatial order of "I" to that of "We." Changes are constant and develop with social developments. We hope this book will trigger readers' deep thoughts.
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Mathew Driscoll

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