Ink: The Art of Tattoo

Ink: The Art of Tattoo

作者 : Victionary



定價 : NT 1,450

售價79折, NT1,146


紋身能夠反映出他們的主人的風格和興趣,以及廣告的藝術家的人才。 憑藉圖案設計師的技術和遠見,他們能夠將皮膚變成畫布,與被刺青者或單一個案的合作,生產出獨特而有意義的藝術品。 無論是在尋找經典風格的紋身,還是在創新更卓越的高度,我們生活在一個幾乎任何可能的時代。 結合當代藝術和設計趨勢的圖案與傳統方法,在此書裡的藝術家設計師推動了預期的極大成果。

The ultimate in fashion accessories, tattoos are capable of reflecting both their owners style and interests as well as advertising the talent of the artist involved. With tremendous skill and vision they are able to transform skin into canvas, working with their clients to produce artwork that is unique and meaningful. Whether someone is looking for a tattoo in the classic style or something at the heights of innovation, we live in an age where almost anything is possible. Combining motifs from contemporary art and design trends with traditional methods, the artists of today push the boundaries of the expected. Ink The Art of Tattoo includes interviews with some of the global masters in the field as well as a gallery of truly visionary flash art and exquisite photography throughout.

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