Forgive & Get Your Life Back

Forgive & Get Your Life Back

作者 : Dennis R. Maynard

出版社 : Baker & Taylor

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"Forgive and forget" are words that can be too easily uttered . This book breaks those words into identifiable steps that will help the person distinguish between forgiving, reconciling, and restoring. We all know that we must forgive those who have hurt us. If we fail to do so, we end up being prisoners frozen in our own pain. But do we have to reconcile with them? Should we reconcile with them? Is it even advisable? Dr. Maynard gives us some guidelines for answering those questions for ourselves. Having reconciled do we restore them to the relationship? Do we restore the unfaithful spouse to the marriage bed? Do we give the employee that has stolen from us the new combination to the office safe? Once again, Doctor Maynard gives us the needed guidelines to make those critical decision for ourselves. He helps the reader understand that forgiveness is a process. He identifies and describes each of the steps in the forgiveness process in this book. As with all his writings, Doctor Maynard illustrates this book with inspirational stories and humor. The print copies of this book have made it a best seller among clergy and others in the helping professions. It has been used by thousands as a text book to conduct forgiveness workshops. While Doctor Maynard writes from a particular spiritual perspective, this is a self-help book that every reader struggling with forgiving those that have hurt them will find beneficial. He also reminds the reader that often the person that needs to be forgiven is ourselves.
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