15 Million Degrees: A Journey to the Centre of the Sun

15 Million Degrees: A Journey to the Centre of the Sun

作者 : Lucie Green


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英國太陽物理學家露西.葛林(Lucie Green)從核融合開始談起,綜合推論、臆測與數學物理學領域的研究,從太陽黑子到太陽探測器,從對恆星光譜分類有極大貢獻的天文學家,到首位準確估計太陽組成的人物,帶您了解關於太陽的一切。本書除了是太陽的完全解析,更記錄前人的研究發展與成就。從地球、太陽表面到太陽內部,您將會沉浸於作者對太陽的熱情中,一窺太陽物理學的最新研究,了解太陽運作的方式!

110 times wider than Earth; 15 million degrees at its core; an atmosphere so huge that Earth is actually within it: come and meet the star of our solar system

Light takes eight minutes to reach Earth from the surface of the Sun. But its journey within the Sun takes hundreds of thousands of years. What is going on in there? What are light and heat? How does the Sun produce them and how on earth did scientists discover this?

In this astonishing and enlightening adventure, you'll travel millions of miles from inside the Sun to its surface and to Earth, where the light at the end of its journey is allowing you to read right now. You'll discover how the Sun works (including what it sounds like), the latest research in solar physics and how a solar storm could threaten everything we know. And you'll meet the groundbreaking scientists, including the author, who pieced this extraordinary story together.

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