War and Turpentine

War and Turpentine

作者 : Stefan Hertmans


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這是一部關於作者祖父Urbain Martien的傳奇故事。他是一位藝術家、軍人、曾一次大戰死裡逃生,往昔的生命歷程,都記載在祖父的兩本筆記本中,這本筆記本,如同祖父記憶大門的重要鑰匙。以精彩細膩的筆觸,描繪出祖父非凡的一生。故事中包括祖父孩提時的繪畫經歷、在鑄鐵廠死裡逃生、在戰爭中奮力一搏、糾葛的愛情,還有被無法實現的夢想與現實緊緊壓迫。將祖父的回憶、愛情、夢想成為藝術家的美夢和可恨的戰爭故事,穿越時空娓娓道來。虛構與真實交錯結合,行文生動且流暢,令人忍不住思索人生的意義與自我的存在,全書以原稿中的黑白插圖交錯,更顯生動與深刻。

The life of Urbain Martien—artist, soldier, survivor of World War I—lies contained in two notebooks he left behind when he died in 1981. In War and Turpentine, his grandson, a writer, retells his grandfather’s story, the notebooks providing a key to the locked chambers of Urbain’s memory.

With vivid detail, the grandson recounts a whole life: Urbain as the child of a lowly church painter, retouching his father’s work;dodging death in a foundry; fighting in the war that altered the course of history; marrying the sister of the woman he truly loved; being haunted by an ever-present reminder of the artist he had hoped to be and the soldier he was forced to become. Wrestling with this tale, the grandson straddles past and present, searching for a way to understand his own part in both. As artfully rendered as a Renaissance fresco, War and Turpentine paints an extraordinary portrait of one man’s life and reveals how that life echoed down through the generations.

(With black-and-white illustrations throughout)

From the Hardcover edition.
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