Pornburger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes

Pornburger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes

作者 : Mathew Ramsey


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What is a burger? Is it merely a beef patty between two buns? Or is it something deeper, spiritual, a satisfaction of one's most carnal culinary desires, maybe even something naughtier? Mathew Ramsey takes the foodporn movement to its unabashed pinnacle with PornBurger. Inspired by his wildly popular blog (with over 2,400,000 visitors), Mathew has been steadily building his battalion of burger mongers with wild yet accessible takes on the classic burger.  But don't be fooled by raunchy descriptions and Ramsey's signature burger puns, like the Bill U Murray Me?, Spamela Anderson, and the Willem DaFoe-nut. This burger freak is a culinary-school-educated chef devoted to the dark arts of hamburgery. Think Maple-bacon wrapped burgers; a lobster burger sandwiched between macaroni cheese buns; and a Pornburger topped with a crispy hash brown nest, truffled sausage gravy, cheddar cheese and a fried egg. Ramsey shows you how to master as many essential cooking techniques as he offers graphically delicious images to ... well drool over!  Combining tantalizing meat blends, grinds, and cooking methods, a tempting range of vegetarian and pescatarian delights, and lip-smacking custom ketchups and pickles, PornBurger offers the ultimate dining experience and entices you to create your own culi-naughty adventure. Every element of every burger is open to reinterpretation - with PornBurger, get weird, get wild, and leave no burger fantasy unimagined . . . or uneaten.

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