Side by Side Extra Book and eText 2 (3 Ed./+CD)

Side by Side Extra Book and eText 2 (3 Ed./+CD)

作者 : Steven J. Molinsky/ Bill Bliss



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An enhanced version of the course that has helped more than 30 million students around the world learn English.

Side by Side Extra is an enhanced version of the classic Side by Side program - a dynamic, all-skills program that builds students’ general language proficiency.
‧Real-life communication practice that is student-centered, interactive, and fun
‧Focuses on all four skills
‧Easy to use for students and teachers
‧Humorous and playful activities that enhance motivation
‧Intensive practice that leads to mastery
‧Takes students from 25 to 57 on the Global Scale of English (CEFR A1 to B1+)

What's new?
‧New student eText for independent, self-paced practice
‧Expanded grammar practice
‧New self-assessment skills checks
‧Enhanced reading and writing practice in the Activity Workbook

Side by Side goes Digital
The new eText – with digital audio and FunZone – expands the course and makes it flexible and fun for students to practice on their own.
The eText is a digital version of the Student Book that serves as the student’s virtual speaking-practice companion.

Flip the lesson plan by assigning conversation practice for students to complete outside of the classroom, so you can concentrate on other activities, such as games, discussion, brainstorming, and role-playing in class.

Notes and Bookmark tools enable students to customize their digital learning experience with the eText.

Welcome to the eText FunZone - digital amusement park with attractions for every unit. Activities, games, videos, music, and animations offer your students fun and motivating reinforcement of each unit’s objectives.
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Steven J. Molinsky.Bill Bliss

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