Branding Element: Logos 4

Branding Element: Logos 4

作者 : Sendpoints/ Ed.

出版社 : SendPoints Books


定價 : NT 1,750

售價79折, NT1,383


每一個品牌的誕生,都代表著一個時代的演變與社會的發展,藉由不同的行銷策略更能激發品牌本身的特質與競爭力。BRANDING ELEMENT: LOGOS 4 為 SendPoints 企劃的品牌識別系列書籍,於 2017 年新春再次推出最新一集,書內依照 LOGO 設計的行業屬性分為餐飲、時尚、IT、文化四大領域,深入探討標誌的設計演化與技術概念,提供設計師參考與應用。

Following the previous editions, LOGOS 4 offers a new and practical reference for logo design. This edition presents a careful selection of the latest outstanding logo works from around the world, exploring the rational approaches and detailed design techniques of logo creation. Divided into four chapters- Food & Beverage, Fashion, IT and Culture, it covers various industries for a comprehensive review of this branding element.

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