Populism: A Very Short Introduction

Populism: A Very Short Introduction

作者 : Cas Mudde/ Cristobal Rovira Kaltwasser



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兩位作者研究民粹已有相當長的時間,他們認為民粹是一種將社會分成兩個敵對陣營的意識形態,這兩個陣營,一方是「純真大眾」,另一方是「腐敗菁英」,這樣的概念將大眾意志凌駕在所有事物之上。透過對現代民粹運動的研究,他們描繪出實踐這種意識形態會產生什麼樣的權力。不管是歐洲的右翼政黨,或是南美的左翼總統們,美國的茶黨運動,都是民粹的代表。作者深入探討這些民粹領導人矛盾的性格,如:阿根廷前總統裴隆(Domingo Peron)、委內瑞拉前總統查維茲(Hugo Chavez)、義大利前總理貝魯斯柯尼(Silvio Berlusconi)…。這些強人代表民粹的主流形式,而許多果斷的女性領導人,如:美國阿拉斯加州前州長莎拉.裴琳(Sarah Palin),她們濫用社會對性別的概念,成功地以民粹吸引一群支持者。


Populism is a central concept in the current media debates about politics and elections. However, like most political buzzwords, the term often floats from one meaning to another, and both social scientists and journalists use it to denote diverse phenomena. What is populism really? Who are the populist leaders? And what is the relationship between populism and democracy? This book answers these questions in a simple and persuasive way, offering a swift guide to populism in theory and practice.

Cas Mudde and Cristóbal Rovera Kaltwasser present populism as an ideology that divides society into two antagonistic camps, the "pure people" versus the "corrupt elite," and that privileges the general will of the people above all else. They illustrate the practical power of this ideology through a survey of representative populist movements of the modern era: European right-wing parties, left-wing presidents in Latin America, and the Tea Party movement in the United States. The authors delve into the ambivalent personalities of charismatic populist leaders such as Juan Domingo Péron, H. Ross Perot, Jean-Marie le Pen, Silvio Berlusconi, and Hugo Chávez. If the strong male leader embodies the mainstream form of populism, many resolute women, such as Eva Péron, Pauline Hanson, and Sarah Palin, have also succeeded in building a populist status, often by exploiting gendered notions of society.

Although populism is ultimately part of democracy, populist movements constitute an increasing challenge to democratic politics. Comparing political trends across different countries, this compelling book debates what the long-term consequences of this challenge could be, as it turns the spotlight on the bewildering effect of populism on today's political and social life.
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Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser
智利Diego Portales大學政治學副教授,也是Populism in Europe and the Americas: Threat or Corrective for Democracy? 的共同作者。

Cas Mudde
喬治亞大學國際事務副教授,著有Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe,並且與Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser共同撰寫Populism in Europe and the Americas: Threat or Corrective for Democracy?
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