Happiness Is... 200 Things I Love about Dad

Happiness Is... 200 Things I Love about Dad

作者 : Lisa Swerling/ Ralph Lazar



定價 : NT 299

售價 : NT299


暖心圖文小品《Happiness Is…》全新系列,200張插圖毫無保留傳達我愛老爸的動人時刻

全球暢銷圖文小品作家《Happiness Is…》最新作品,無論是父親節、生日紀念或是365天的任何一天,以幽默、可愛的插圖表達我們最在乎的老爸,200個與老爸最獨特及溫暖的共有時刻全都一一呈現。全家圍桌等待老爸的拿手菜、發現實現聖誕願望的人就是老爸、野外探險老爸成為你最無畏的領隊、只要有老爸在身邊我們永遠感覺安心、看到老爸回家的那一瞬間有多興奮,這些平凡卻又獨特的瞬間,都將透過可愛、溫暖的插圖呈現,一同與家人共享這本暖心畫冊,回憶與老爸最美好的小確幸。 

From the creators of the Happiness Is . . . series (more than 200,000 copies in print!) comes a smile-worthy gift book to show dads how much we care on Father's Day, their birthday, or any other day of the year. Each book features 200 reasons to treasure those only-with-Dad moments, from getting much-needed advice to learning a new recipe, building a tree fort, taking a long walk together, sharing inside jokes, or just getting a big hug. Featuring the brand's signature sweet illustrations and friendly tone, these books celebrate all the personal moments, big and small, that we love to share with Dad.

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