Empire Games

Empire Games

作者 : Charles Stross

出版社 : TOR UK

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定價 : NT 469

售價 : NT469


科幻小說天王查爾斯‧斯特羅斯Merchant Princes系列最新作品

Rita Douglas離開她毫無前途的工作,強迫被訓練成美國政府秘密機構的間諜。因為她擁有超乎常人的強大力量,可以任意穿梭時空並輕而易舉滲透其中。美國政府正發起一場高科技戰爭,派遣擁有神祕力量的刺客穿梭在各個世界,帶來大規模的毀滅及死亡,而Rita將是這個計畫中最致命的秘密武器。另一個時空的Miriam Beckstein也有重要任務,她必須加速她存在世界的科技改革,免得被敵人阻止這場革命。每一段時間軸都在與陰謀奮戰,每一場戰役都走向白熱化。到底哪個國家才是真正的侵略國,而身為秘密武器的Rita又該如何選擇正義的一方?

A time of ambition, treachery and dangerous secrets . . .

Rita Douglas is plucked from her dead-end job and trained as a reluctant US spy. All because she has the latent genetic talent to hop between alternate timelines - and infiltrate them. Her United States is waging a high-tech war, targeting assassins who can move between worlds to deliver death on a mass scale, and Rita will be their secret weapon.

Miriam Beckstein has her own mission, as a politician in an industrial revolution US. She must accelerate her world's technology before their paranoid American twin finds them. It would blow them to hell. After all, they've done it before. Each timeline also battles internal conspiracies, as a cold war threatens to turn white hot. But which world is the aggressor - and will Rita have to choose a side?

This new series is set in the same world as Charles Stross' 'Merchant Princes' series.

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