Relishing Marketing: Illustrations of Food & Drink Packaging

Relishing Marketing: Illustrations of Food & Drink Packaging

作者 : Joe Duffy/ Damian Hamilton/ Cristiano Vinciprova Machado/ Ed.

出版社 : Images Publishing


定價 : NT 1,390

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手繪的視覺表現傳達著一種不可取代的獨特感,筆觸的輕重與顏色的深淺,都能體現出不同心情與溫度的意象。RELISHING MARKETING: ILLUSTRATIONS OF FOOD & DRINK PACKAGING 匯集全球各種以插畫設計風格所製作的食品與飲料包裝外型設計作品,領域橫跨咖啡店、餐廳、零食品牌、快餐店、酒類、茶類等,每項案例附有商品的詳細出產年份與產品設計概念,提供設計師與品牌規畫師在市場營銷等面向更有效的功能與想像力。

Showcases a global representation of branding and graphic design strategies for food and drink packaging• Provides strong insight into how innovative illustration can translate to effective sales• Includes rich photographic detail, high-quality illustrations, and detailed descriptions of each product, and the designer's thinking of each motif• Covers packaging design ideas for a wide variety of food and beverage models, from small- to large-scale industriesPackaging is now something more than simple containers; it's a means of communicating with consumers and convincing them to buy a product. Illustration serves a valuable purpose on product packaging and helps the product stand out from a crowded shelf or competitive market.This book showcases the various effective functions of the illustrations on food and drink packaging from the aspects of conveying product information, highlighting product features, reflecting the differentiation, promoting sales, and arousing imagination.

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Joe Duffy, Damian Hamilton, Cristiano Vinciprova Machado

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